Why choose Us?

What makes us special
  • SuperKids Language Kindergarten

    is a modern facility located in Katowice at ul. Gen. Pułaskiego 27. It is a unique place that provides each child with the highest level of education and the best care.


    What makes us stand out ?

    In our kindergarten, we follow the principle that education is a relationship. Therefore, for us the most important is a child, and in our work we are guided only by its good.

    Therefore, we attach great importance to the safety of children (constant monitoring in every room, a corner for a parent who can watch his toddler at any time ).

    Your Child’s best interest

    In our understanding, the good of the child is primarily his health. That is why in our kindergarten we provide four balanced, wholesome meals a day. Depending on the child’s needs, it is possible to choose, in addition to the basic diet, also specialized diets – non-dairy, gluten-free and vegetarian. An example of a weekly description of meals according to the selection of a specific diet can be found in the Menu tab.

  • Registration all year round!

  • “Tell me and I will forget show me and I will remember let me do it and I will understand “

    — Confucius

    Education in our kindergarten is based on sensory simulation of Children, involving the involvement of all his senses in the learning process. Therefore, we try to convey knowledge to the Child in such a way as to attract his attention, and at the same time make him absorb knowledge during classes without even being aware of it. We want to instill in our little ones the idea that science is a journey and knowledge is a ticket to the world of fulfilled dreams, joy and internal security (because the one who knows more will never die in the crowd ).

    That is why our kindergarten is distinguished by the latest educational methods.

    First of all, during each class we use simulation in two languages ​​- Polish and English. In addition, children learn English with a qualified teacher twice a day (45 minutes in the morning and 45 minutes during so-called “afternoon teas with English”). We believe that preschool age is the best time to start learning foreign languages. The child then listens to the language and learns it naturally, e.g. during play, dance, singing or games. This in turn means that there will be no problems with using the language in the future. In fact, it’s not the amount of words remembered, but the ability to use a language, courage in expressing emotions or thoughts in a foreign language that makes us able to communicate in a given language. And we want to instill this skill in our little ones from the very beginning .

    In addition, we use modern teaching methods in our kindergarten. We focus on learning on activating models, we move from teaching to learning. Children are the builders of their knowledge. We focus on learning critical thinking, experience and experiments (in this respect we cooperate with the Copernicus Science Center in Warsaw).

    We also run interactive classes using the latest equipment. We have, among others Knoocker’s educational tool, which, thanks to a set of applications, quizzes and educational games (including in English), will attractively encourage children to make both physical and mental effort.

    We have also equipped our kindergarten with an interactive floor. SmartFloor by Mentor is a collection of engaging applications for fun and learning, logic games, programming tasks and puzzles operated using interactive pens. We can choose coloring books for children, language games, robot programming, sudoku and many, many more.

    Raising Children is difficult. That is why we want to help you in this task. However, we never forget that happiness and joy are the most important for a child. Therefore, we hope that, above all, we will meet your expectations regarding us.

    “When a child laughs, the whole world laughs” – Janusz Korczak. We know that sometimes it will be difficult and that sometimes there will be crying (which, unfortunately, can not be avoided), but having regard to the above sentence, we promise you that we will do everything to make sure that our kindergarten has as many laughing worlds as possible every day